On the 25th of May 2018, the rules about how any companies store information on people they engage with are changing. A new set of rules and regulations called GDPR are being introduced which puts you as the consumer in control of the way in which information about you (such as your email address and contact number) are stored. Here is a video which outlines a little more about GDPR and what it is going to mean for every company within the UK.

I believe that GDPR is a good thing and it puts you as the consumer back in control! You will be able to decide what information you receive and from who and then decide if you don’t want to be sent anything or be contacted.

I want to ensure that anyone who signs up to receive news and tips from me is aware of how I will treat the data provided, where it will be stored and the rights you have if you no longer wish to hear from me. Here is the commitment that I make to anyone who signs up to receive sales tips and updates from me:

How I will treat the data – I believe that prospect and customer data is the most precious information any business can store. I will protect your information as closely as I can. I will never share it with any other 3rd party and I will always ensure that I or any other members of my team take the upmost care with your details.

Where it will be stored – I use InTouchCRM to store my prospect and customer information and to send sales tip newsletters and I use Rackspace email hosting for my day to day emails. I know that both of these organisations are GDRP compliant and treat the information I store with them in line with GDPR regulations.

The rights you have – If you decide that you no longer wish to receive communications from me then you can unsubscribe from email or SMS messages at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link within my emails or replying STOP to SMS messages. This will ensure that you don’t then get any further communications from me. If you also want me to permanently remove all of your information from my records then you can request this via hello@jameswhite.business and I will ensure all data is deleted.

I am passionate about providing the help and support to enable you and your business to win more sales and convert more prospects into customers! I believe that through my knowledge and ideas you can achieve more. I look forward to sharing ideas and thoughts with you and helping you turn those sales targets into actual numbers!