What my Clients say...

"We have used James to provide sales training for our team and I would highly recommend him if you have a service business and want to build the skills and knowledge of that team. James is enthusiastic, engaging and the team really enjoy the sales sessions they spend with him."

- Danny Nieberg- Managing Director, Property Rescue

"I have loved every minute of working with James. His passion and energy to help my business grow has been invaluable, but most importantly he has a wealth of sales knowledge and experience which is helping me engage more effectively with my prospects! If you want to short cut the sales process then get James involved in what you are doing!"

- Alex Seery, Founder of Shifts to Success

"I have worked with James for over a year now and he has helped our business immensely. James has helped us get clarity about our product and target market offering and then has worked with us to develop a sales and marketing strategy which has delivered some incredible results. He has a clear understanding of the buying process that prospects go through and he has allowed us to build a very strong position within our marketplace. James has a tremendous amount of business acumen and knowledge but presents ideas in a simple and clear way which makes sense. The key factor which makes James very different to other advisors and mentors that I have worked with is his enthusiasm and friendly approach. He has a real want for us to succeed and his passion and energy for our success comes across every time we work with him. I would strongly recommend him to other organisations who want to grow their business and achieve sales targets."

- Graham Oakley, Commercial Director of Laundry Efficiency

"James has an incredible understanding of the sales process and the buyer journey and has helped me and B4 define our market proposition and show the value we can offer our customers. He is passionate and incredibly easy to work with and helps us get results! "

- Richard Rosser, Chief Executive B4 Oxford

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