How Big Telesales Companies Are Getting It All Wrong

James White   
Jan 26
They have the staff, they have the infrastructure, they have the data, but they seem to have no bloody clue on how to sell effectively! Yes, that’s right, it seems like so many of these very big telesales companies have all of the gear but no bloody idea on how to engage effectively with a prospect! Let me tell you why! I had quite a bit of time in the car on Tuesday as I
Man yelling at phone

Don’t Get Bitten By Your Prospects! Use The Right Language To Get Better Results!

James White   
Jan 22
A few months ago, I like millions of other You Tube users laughed at a video showing the Welsh Rugby Union forward Scott Baldwin getting his hand bitten by a Lion. If you have not seen the clip then its worth a watch not only to add further evidence to the message within this blog but just to see how stupid some people really are! Experts have concluded that animals can’t necessarily smell emotion or

You Can Achieve Your Business Goals and Dreams if you Make Time for Prospecting

James White   
Jan 20
I got on the scales this morning as I do every Saturday morning for my weekly weigh in and the results were not great today. Whilst I wanted them to show a 0.5 to 1lb drop in weight, the reality was that when I got on, the same figure looked up at me as last Saturday morning. Whilst I got off feeling disappointed, I was also not surprised. Why? Because I hadn’t taken enough action

The Importance Of The Sales Process

James White   
Jan 17
Let me ask you 3 simple questions: Would you try to marry someone on the first date you had with them? Would you try to cross a 6-lane road in one go? Would you try and eat a massive meal in one bite? Some might try to achieve all 3 and whilst they may make for interesting YouTube videos, more often than not trying to do those three simple things in one go will end