Steps 4-6- Prospecting to Find the Perfect Partner

I believe that winning in sales is very similar to dating and meeting a new partner and I have developed a 12-stage model which I believe everyone can resonate with.

Step 4: The First Date

Building rapport and initial attraction

Within sales, we can’t always win business the first time we meet people, but we certainly can lose it if we take the wrong approach.

Think about when you were dating! Would you go on a second date with someone you disliked and found annoying on date one? It's unlikely that you would and if you give your prospects a bad first impression, it's unlikely in a competitive business world that they will give you a second chance.

Step 5: Their Future Plans

Identifying wants, wishes and needs

Once we have built up initial rapport with a prospect, it is essential we spend a significant amount of time trying to understand as much about them as we can. Put simply, the more time you spend in this area of the process, the more chance you have of achieving a sales result with someone.

The golden rule of sales is that it is not about you and what you do, it is about the prospect and what they want and need.

The first dates we have are generally about seeing if there is an initial rapport and chemistry. We want to form an immediate connection but, in most cases, we have to spend more time getting to know the person to get the result we want.

Step 6: Are they Right for You?

The wrong fit and potential issues

The square pegs don’t fit in the round holes even if you force them!

This quote is so true when it comes to sales and yet I see so many companies trying time and again to make them fit.

Invariably, our gut tells us that something isn’t right and from the questions we have asked the prospect, we just know that they have different values to what we offer and provide. No matter how hard you try it's nearly impossible to get them to see another way of thinking. When this happens, the best thing is always to walk away and tell the prospect that you are not the right fit for them.

Much in the same way, you wouldn’t carry on dating someone who you know is not right for you, so it makes no sense to carry on trying to convince a prospect who you know is not a good fit.

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