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October 26, 2020
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Sales fears

How to avoid the sales scares and ghosts

 I have had good fun this week, scaring my co-workers while filming my latest YouTube video, which is live on YouTube all about avoiding sales nightmares.

With Halloween at the weekend it got me thinking about the fears many people have around sales and how we can avoid the ghosts and ghoulies of sales that we may come across.

Qualify your leads

Ghosts appear to be real but in most cases aren’t.  This can also be true of your potential prospect!  Without proper qualification, you may be working on a lead that you think is real but it stands little chance of converting into good business for you.  

Qualify and engage properly!  If you haven’t already picked it up, be sure to download the Sales Qualification Sheet which I recommend you use to qualify your prospects. 

Once you have qualified correctly, get a confirmed date for the next meeting rather than leaving the meeting with no date in your diary. Get that date confirmed!

Once you’ve hung up the phone, take a moment and be honest with yourself – did you do most of the talking and was your prospect FULLY engaged?  Make a note so that you can aim to improve where it’s needed on that next call.


Avoid Horror Show Meetings

I had a horror show of a meeting recently, which was nothing less than a complete disaster.  There was no preparation, the host invited someone to the meeting who knew nothing about me or my brand and they made judgement on how I do things without listening to me. 

I don’t want you to make those same mistakes as they did!  So always remember, a little PIP goes a long way – 

  • PREPARE for your meetings by having a clear agenda, brief any people you plan on bringing into a meeting. 
  • INVESTIGATE – Do your research on the person and their brand ahead of the meeting, clarify what the prospect wants to cover.  
  • Show PROFESSIONALISM.  Be polite.  Don’t tell them what they are doing is wrong, listen to them and be focused on them and their wants and needs.

 By doing these things you will avoid a horror show of a meeting like I had.

Don’t make assumptions

When going into a prospect conversation we can often have preconceived ideas and assumptions of the person or the situation. Sometimes we allow these ideas and assumptions to take our minds on a wander to a thought and then continually think of this  until it becomes a belief. This is when problems start to occur in our conversations with prospects. 

Be open minded and don’t assume anything, instead look for the facts and get to know the person, be honest with them and develop a rapport. Don’t be one of the nearly ⅓ rd of Brits who believe in ghosts, despite there actually being any evidence of them existing. 

Stop the ghost thoughts getting into your mind, and check if information is reliable before believing any assumption about your prospect. Get to know the prospect before making judgements which could cost you a deal!  By making a relationship with them and not assuming, you will be in a better position to  seal business.

Do you have any sales fears that have you shaking in your boots this Halloween?  It’s been a difficult time for many business owners, and with the tough economic climate that we find ourselves in, what are you going to do to overcome your sales fears to ensure you don’t suffer any financial anxieties in 2021?

You’re also welcome to take a look at my new four week sales course, starting Thursday the 19th of November 2020.

You can get in contact with me through my website, or email at [email protected] or through my usual social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by searching for @jameswhitesales.

James White

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