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November 3, 2020
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What can an upholsterer teach a small business owner about sales?

 I did a day filming with a business owner this week before the new Lockdown rules took place.  I wanted to get a sense from a small business owner on how lockdown will affect them. There is no doubt that for business owners, this next new phase is full of worry and uncertainty. 

However, the business owner that I went to see is staying positive and she remains focused on her specialist skills to grow and develop her business. 

She is an upholsterer and in her business, which I showcase in my latest YouTube video, she gives new life to old furniture by transforming them into something amazing. 

I wanted to share some thoughts and suggestions on how you can take inspiration from a business like this for your own sales work and plans.


The items found in Bonds Upholstery work on are often old damaged pieces of furniture, but they have a solid foundation. They are made of good materials and have a good base.

In sales, the following foundations are really important to your prospects. 

Are you –

  • Trustworthy?
  • Reliable?
  • Approachable?
  • Confident?

These essential characteristics are needed to form part of the building blocks for your sales plan. My TRACKFARE model looks at the foundations you need to build on. Take a look here. 


Some of the items brought into the workshop are old and look haggard, but these are the ones that have the most incredible transformations when they have been reupholstered and look incredible!

People often say to me that they can’t learn how to sell and that they don’t have the skills to be successful. Everybody has it in them to be successful at sales if they are prepared to take the right actions and willing to learn. 

Now more than ever, your business needs you to know how to sell over the coming 12-18 months through these tough economic times. 

Don’t throw the towel in! If you want to survive and thrive you have to learn to get a sales makeover and freshen up your selling techniques. 

My 4 week online course is perfect for freshening your sales skills and helping you to get your business thriving and not just surviving. Find out more information on this course here. Starting on Thursday 19th November. 



In my video, Sam and her customer at Bond’s had a clear vision on what they wanted to achieve with an old piece of furniture and how this was going to happen. 

Do you have a clear vision in your business?  Does your vision equally cover what you want to achieve in your business as well as the outcomes you want to achieve for your customers?  What does the perfect solution for your customers look like when they have worked with you? 

For me, it’s having business owners who are worried about their income streams, who are now free from financial anxiety.  They see lots of leads coming into their funnels which they convert and bring income in. They are then not worried about money, they are now just focused on how they can provide a solution for as many customers as possible.

These people win their business by developing and learning their sales skills. That is my vision and I am clear on what I want to achieve for my customers!

Are you clear on what your vision and outcomes are for your customers?


Sam develops pieces of furniture to make unique statement pieces for people’s homes.  These are pieces that no other person could ever possess – the item is custom and unique, just for them.  

People buy why you do things, and not what you do. Sure, someone may have bought one of Sam’s chairs because they needed somewhere to sit.  But they bought a chair from Sam because they knew there were getting something that was one-of-a-kind!

What is your business’ unique selling point?   What is that “something” about your business that makes your prospects think you’re someone good to work with?  How will you leave your customers feeling they’ve had a unique experience, that your business was different to the rest?


As much as Sam would like her gorgeous pieces of furniture to just appear, she needs to put in the hard elbow grease to transform and give life to her statement pieces.  

You have to do this with your business too! The results don’t happen by magic, you have to work hard and use the tools and resources around you to do this. You have to put the work in to make the results happen – opportunities won’t magically come into your funnel without it.

If the news of the second lockdown has made your vision murky and you’re not sure where your business is heading, reach out to me!  Let’s get you feeling confident and having the right sales tools to move forward. 

You can get in contact with me through my website, or email at [email protected] or through my usual social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by searching for @jameswhitesales. 

Until next week, take care, stay safe and stay positive.

James White

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