Why is winning in sales like meeting a new partner?




My name is James White and I'm a sales mentor and trainer, I work with successful service businesses who are good at sales but who know they can become even better!

I understand how to sell, how to approach prospects, how to close prospects and how to hit targets and I now want to share my knowledge to help great businesses get even better results!

I have created a 12 step model which explains how sales success is like dating and falling in love!

Find out more and take action to get AMAZING sales results!

How Sales Success is

Very Similar to Dating

What My

Clients Say...

  • I have loved every minute of working with James. His passion and energy to help my business grow has been invaluable, but most importantly he has a wealth of sales knowledge and experience which is helping me engage more effectively with my prospects! If you want to short cut the sales process then get James involved in what you are doing!
    Alex Seery
    Shifts to Success
  • James was referred to us as a Sales Mentor and we loved working with him. My team and I got so many great insights from James, he really does understand sales, the sales process and how prospects buy. If you are a good business who are growing but who want to grow even faster then I would certainly recommend you book James for a day. He is knowledgeable, engaging and his passion, energy and enthusiastic approach engaged us all and it left us all looking forward to the next step in our business journey.
    Sonia Gill
    Heads Up UK Ltd
  • It was clear after meeting James for the first time that we wanted to work with him, he rapidly gained our confidence and set out a plan to develop our brand and business going forward. I know that the mentoring service we have signed up over the coming months will propel us forward into the business we deserve to be. James’s enthusiasm, desire and positivity to help you succeed is infectious.
    Andrew Warring
    Green Hat Consulting
  • James has an incredible understanding of the sales process and the buyer journey and has helped me and B4 define our market proposition and show the value we can offer our customers. He is passionate and incredibly easy to work with and helps us get results!
    Richard Rosser
    B4 Oxford

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