How do you close prospects and move them forward, from being potentials to being actuals?

This is a question I’m asked on a regular basis. I talk to my customers a lot about how the majority of objections happen because you have not qualified your prospects effectively.

In this video series, I talk through how you can learn to qualify your leads using BANT.

Convert More Prospects into Customers with TRACKFARE

James White’s TRACKFARE model outlines the 9 core foundations you must have in order to achieve sales success and convert more prospects into customers.

James will talk you through why each of these elements is vital in business and give you some great tips, followed by some actions for you to complete to help you display each of these attributes and make your customers fall in love with you and your business! 

You will be supplied with a huge amount of video content, as well as plenty of supporting documents, including a checklist of actions to complete to put TRACKFARE into practice.

Are you ready to hire your first salesperson?

Are you scratching your head, wondering where to begin?

Are you wanting to ensure your new sales hire gets consistent sales results?

If the answer is YES, then look no further.

We have built a course where you will have everything you need to make sure your new hire is a success.