4 ways to create urgency in sales

Being able to create urgency in the sales process and get business converted when you want it (rather than when the prospect wants it) is a big challenge for many small business owners.

Here are 4 ways in which you can create urgency in the sales process to get the results when you want them.

What are their pain points?

It is really important to understand the challenges the prospect is having. Your job to find out what is causing them the most stress. What is causing them the most pain?

Focus on this and really tune into what their main challenges are. Once you know this, you can then give them the solutions which will help them to make a timely decision.

They need to make a decision to work with you if you are going to help fix their problem and take their pain away.

Clarify their decision

Ask questions like this to help clarify their position:

  • How committed are you to solving this at the moment?
  • On your priority list, where does this fit?


Being able to clarify where this fits with your prospect will enable you to get a sense of their urgency (or lack thereof) and timeline.

You can then get it followed up NOW or in a few months’ time and create the right sense of urgency to aid their decision-making. Use their answers to clarify their position and ignite their sense of urgency according to essential time scales.

Create a limited time offer

“I’m very happy to offer you that service, but the installation will need to be completed by Friday to start the following Monday, or I won’t be able to fit you in.”

Using a limited-time offer puts you in control of the situation.  This urges the prospect to make a decision as they don’t want to lose out on solving their problem.

To make this work, you must give them a date or a deadline that is workable for everyone involved. It will drive urgency in the prospect’s mind which will give you a better chance of getting the sale when you want it.

Tap into their emotions

What would happen if the prospect does not do what you are proposing to them?

For example: If the service you provide is going to help showcase their career, not doing it is going to make them look amateur or indifferent to other people.

Drawing attention to this is a great way of driving urgency as it helps the prospect to visualise themselves staying in their “rut” if they don’t take any action.

Tell them how you can help to move things forward – actually move on from the place they’re wanting to escape, move away from the issue they’re having or (from my example) you can help them to look impressive!

Explain the impact of what will happen if they don’t employ a solution to their issue. By doing this you are making prospects think, “Yes, I need to do this.”

Focus on what the outcome is going to mean to them. Concentrate on the emotional elements of what it will give them and what the impact will be if they do not have your service.

If you do that then you are going to get a much better chance of them saying, “Yes, let’s make it happen”.

There you go, there are my 4 tips on how you can create urgency in sales!

The key thing is to always be genuine and open about who you are, and to meaningfully solve problems. If you do that, then be assured you will get the great sales results that you want.

By using techniques like this you will engage them and move your prospect into a customer!

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