How a Manager at McDonalds can Teach us all Sales Leadership Skills!

I don’t often head into McDonalds but yesterday morning I had a craving for a sausage and egg mcmuffin and so I rewarded myself with one as a treat after a good week of work!

As I walked in, I could see it was really busy and I wondered whether I should leave it but a young man came along who had the stars and management badge and started to take charge.

He had obviously been sat in an office but when he had seen it get really busy he had stepped in and this impressed me. I have always believed that the best leaders, lead from the front and are prepared to roll their sleeves up and get the job done. If you think you are too big for the small jobs then maybe you are too small for the big jobs!

Anyway, this young man came in and started working on the machines, took items out of the fryer, served customers and provided direction for his team. He also encouraged them to stay calm and whether the storm.

I had to wait a little longer for my breakfast but they got there and the young manager ensured he apologised for the wait and offered me a free coffee to say sorry.

What was great about seeing this was that even though he was only young, he showed real leadership and it made me think about how successful sales people operate.

The best sales leaders lead from the front and inspire their team. They

  • Are happy to make prospecting calls
  • Work hard on proposals when needed
  • Enjoy making follow up calls or meeting new prospects
  • Lead presentations for key deals and opportunities
  • Preserve time in their day to focus on sales nitty gritty
  • Regularly update, use and drive the CRM and systems forward as they know its importance

The business leaders who get the best results are the ones who understand that to achieve in sales you have to ‘do’. They know that they can’t just appoint someone to do ‘sales work’ that they don’t want to do.

These leaders know that if they want their company to achieve the best results they must lead from the front. Just like the young manager from McDonalds did.

If leading from the front is something that is daunting for you or is something that worries, you then why not hire a sales mentor who can help you improve and develop?

Not all business owners are born natural salespeople but with the right support, advice, mentoring and help then they can develop their skills and really show their team how to sell. The McDonalds manager had hunger but obviously had been trained and supported to be the best leader he could be.

Do you need help and support to be the best sales leader you can be?

If the answer is yes, then let’s arrange a time to chat. I can help you build the sales leadership skills you need to take your company to another level!

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