How To Win Over An Ice Cold Prospect

There is no doubt that it’s very difficult at times to engage with a cold prospect who doesn’t want to warm to what you have to say. Think about it from their perspective.

They are regularly interacted with and engaged by salespeople who talk to them and want to sell them a product or service. The challenge when you have a prospect like this is how can you warm them up to you and your service and try and get them to the next stage of your sales process, especially if it’s the first call that you’ve had with them.

In this video, I outline a number of things that you can do to try and warm up a cold prospect that you work with. Tactics, like being able to do your research and get to know them, ideas on building rapport, and also how you need to see yourself, are all covered as part of the video below.

Winning over an ice cold prospect is certainly not easy, but if you take the advice that I give within the video, you can be in a better position to engage with them, build a rapport with them, and, in turn, get a result with them. Have a look at the video, see what you think, and share your thoughts either on the video or in the comments section below, and hopefully this can help you win over an ice cold prospect!

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