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So, happy New Year to you and yours. And Happy New Decade! I hope the festive period has been one of peace, relaxation, and recharging the batteries. I wish you every success in 2020 and beyond. Here’s to a fantastic year in sales for all of us.

I spoke in my last blog of 2019 about what Sales Motivations you can put in place to make it more likely you’ll achieve what you want to in 2020. Rather than New Year’s Resolutions, I feel it’s always better to have plans and targets for the year ahead


However, most people don’t achieve their goals because they focus on the end result too much, and not the next step they need to take along to path to that final destination. The key is breaking down your targets into first monthly, then weekly plans. This not only makes the target seem less daunting but also helps you to focus on the next steps rather than the end-game.

This blog and my Saturday Sales emails are always all about you and helping you to achieve more success, but I thought that it might help if, for once, I made it all about me! So in this blog, I’m going to share with you what I’m looking to achieve throughout 2020. It’s important to know that I don’t just spend my time advising others; like you, I get my hands dirty every day trying my best to hit targets.


So, there’s nothing like setting out your stall in public to start the year with a motivational bang, eh? Let’s see what 2020’s plan looks like for James White.

Continue on my goal to get personally fit.

Long-time readers will know that weight management is something that I’ve always struggled with. The good news is that 2019 saw me focus on this and I have lost weight. I want to continue this positive trend in 2020 and my target is to lose a further 20lbs this year.

Achieve results for another 5 clients individually

But do so successfully enough that they record their experience on video as to how I have helped them. Even if they are camera shy, I want them to feel strongly enough about the impact I’ve made that they will overcome that reluctance!

Help over 100 other business owners and get 50 written testimonials

Again, the successes need to be enough to motivate them to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) about how I’ve been able to help them.

Not only that, but I’ll share them on my website as I receive them – a very public countdown on the 100!

Launch a new online series of video courses

This is a big one. There is an increasing trend for people to use YouTube and other video channels and their primary means of learning new skills or improving on existing ones.

Books are still popular, but because sales is a “universal language”, the short video format is accessible and easily digestible to people everywhere, even if English isn’t their first language. This isn’t always the case with the written word.

So my goal is to produce video courses that break down sales skills into bitesized chunks that people can watch anywhere, and that contain practical ideas that can be put into practice quickly.

Hold 6 Sales Workshops to groups of 10+ people

This is key because I find that face-to-face help is by far the most effective method I use to help people achieve what they want. Not everyone can afford a one-to-one mentorship package with me, and group sessions provide the maximum “bang for the buck” in terms of getting some personalised advice and help tailored to people’s specific situations.

Be asked to speak at 6 different events

Like testimonials, being invited to speak at events is a great way of tracking your impact and the value of what you have to offer.

Create 52 new public videos and grow to 500+ YouTube subscribers

Yep, that’s one a week on average. But within those 52 I want to include at least 12 new Sales Conversations with Sales Experts” vids. I think that these offer particularly good insights into how remarkably successful people have achieved, how they operate, and – most importantly – how they aren’t that much different from the rest of us. They have simply applied the right sales actions in the right way at the right time, over and over again.

Create and publish 12 new resources to help people around the world get better results

That’s one per month, published on my website. The plans for what these will entail are still developing, so if there is an idea for a resource that I can share which would help you, let me know!

I’m deliberately keeping this as open as possible because there are so many different things that could be useful to different people and businesses. It could be document templates, example sales scripts, motivational tools, anti-procrastination advice, and more. Let me know what you feel you need to help improve your sales practice.

Be on track to achieve £20k more than I did in my previous financial year

My financial year ends in February, so it’s slightly skewed from the calendar year, but close enough to mean that most of the effort will be in 2020.

I’m more than happy to share that number with you (and the sheets I use to monitor and manage my progress) – just email me and ask. Why not share yours back? If there’s enough interest, we could possibly put something together like a regular group chat where we discuss how our businesses are tracking compared to targets, and what successes and failures we’ve had that could be learning points for others.



If I can, I also want to try and get my book done – I’m adding this as a bonus goal, just in case Alex Seery reads this and asks the question!
So there you go, my 8 (ok, 9 if you include the book) goals for me and my business in 2020. What are yours? Why not share them with me so I can help you to achieve them all this year?

As ever, you can email me via but you can also reach me on the usual social channels – LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook – by searching for “jameswhitesales”.

Let me know what specific topics you’d like me to cover in this blog and my Saturday Sales Emails this year, and whether there are any particular videos or written resources you’d find useful. It’s always great to hear from you.

Until next week, have a great start to January and get yourself well on the road to hitting those targets.



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