The Importance of Building Habits and Disciplines in Sales

Written by: James White
In this post, I’m going to talk about the importance of building habits and disciplines in sales. Hit play on the video or keep reading!

Back in September of last year, I set myself a goal. I wanted to walk 12,000 steps a day for 365 days. That day, I got off my backside and walked 12,000 and from then on, I built it into my routine until it became a habit. A habit so ingrained in me that I absolutely had to do it.

Last month, I’m pleased to say that I completed my goal. I walked 12,000 steps every day for a whole year.

I knew that if I didn’t turn this into a habit, I would skip a few days here and there, lose momentum and fail to achieve my goal. But I did turn it into a habit and have achieved something I’m really proud of.

I believe that building habits in sales is just as important in order to achieve your targets.

Building habits like prospecting for a certain amount of time per day, committing to learning new skills or to continuously develop their sales scripts.

I meet so many people who put off doing their prospecting calls and then they wonder why they’re not hitting their sales targets. I advise them to schedule dedicated time into their day, every day, for prospecting. And if they do that, they WILL achieve their targets.

However, the second part to this post, is that habits on their own are not enough. Take my steps for example, I’ve built the habit to go for a walk every day, but I have not changed my diet, therefore, I haven’t achieved the outcome that I really want which is to lose a few pounds!

You will not achieve your sales numbers if you don’t combine good habits with good disciplines and effective ways of doing things. You can put time aside for prospecting but if you don’t do it effectively, it’s a waste of time!

Therefore, learning and developing your sales skills is absolutely vital. Read books (here’s a few I’d recommend), listen to podcasts, watch videos, learn from sales gurus, do everything you can do continuously develop yourself and your skills and you will achieve sales success.

If you need help to build good habits and disciplines, reach out to me here and I will happy to discuss your targets with you. In the meantime, visit my YouTube channel for more sales tips and advice.

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Publish date: 13 October 2018

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