4 Typical questions i'm asked as a sales mentor
Typical Questions I’m Asked as a Sales Mentor
January 5, 2019
7 Ways to Build Trust with your Prospect
January 19, 2019
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We All Make Mistakes: My 2018 Outtakes!


In this week's video, we've compiled some of my worst (or best!) outtakes from 2018. Hit play on the video below!

In 2018, I made over 50 videos, sharing my sales tips and advice, but it wasn't all plain sailing! So, we've put together a quick compilation of outtakes from 2018.

This one is just a bit of fun but I guess the lesson to take from this video is that everybody makes mistakes but keep persevering and practicing and you will achieve your goals!


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James White
James White

James White is the UK’s leading prospect conversion expert. He understands what it takes to convert leads into real business within the modern digital era and what it takes to achieve business success.