You Can Achieve Your Business Goals and Dreams if you Make Time for Prospecting

I got on the scales this morning as I do every Saturday morning for my weekly weigh in and the results were not great today. Whilst I wanted them to show a 0.5 to 1lb drop in weight, the reality was that when I got on, the same figure looked up at me as last Saturday morning. Whilst I got off feeling disappointed, I was also not surprised. Why? Because I hadn’t taken enough action or shown enough discipline within the week when I should have done to get the results I wanted to. Herein lies the crux of this blog and the challenge that so many of us face on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.

You cannot and will not get the results you desire without taking the regular action to achieve those results.

  • Want to be lighter on the scales? Be more disciplined with what you eat.
  • Want to pay for the dream holiday? Ensure you save money each month.
  • Want to become better at a sport? Put the work in regularly to improve and develop.
  • Want to achieve better sales numbers? Put the daily work in to speak with more people


As the great quote below shows, Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most and if you don’t show the disciplines enough of the time then you simply won’t get the results!

Let me be very clear though. Achieving this is not easy. We all have the ID’s within us that demand instant gratification and controlling our actions and emotions is a challenge.If you want to get better at being able to control your brain then look at the work of the great Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud as it helps to explain why your brain works as it does but it is not easy to control what we do especially when what we are looking to do is different from the norm.Getting into the habit of doing something takes effort and time but when you have build that habit up then you start to see results and achieving consistent sales success in your business is no different.I would love to be able to tell you that I can magically make your sales numbers look better at the end of each month through some special skill or trick I have but I can’t and being honest with you neither can you.Achieving great sales results month on month comes from the discipline of making time daily for prospecting and engaging with new potential clients.

Yes, I know you are busy and yes, I know you will say ‘James I can’t do this every day because I have to look after current clients or do my accounts or write a blog’ but isn’t keeping your business alive or keeping new sales coming into your company one of the most important tasks you have as a business owner?If you don’t bring in new business what will happen? My guess is that everything else becomes tougher because you don’t have the money that winning new sales brings in.
Winning new business and achieving consistent sales success is a vital requirement for every business and to win consistently you need to act consistently and that means putting time aside daily for prospecting.

Build the disciplines to put time into your diary (even if only for 30 minutes each day) for sales prospecting and then use this time to follow up with prospects and check in on where they are. Set yourself simple challenges to try and get 10 calls made or send 20 emails before you finish and whilst you are doing this essential work, remove other distractions so that you are totally and 100% focused on prospecting to help you grow!I knew that I was unlikely to lose weight this week because I had succumbed to the temptation of leftover Christmas sweets and whilst I was disappointed getting on the scales I knew the fault was mine. I have no intention of changing my goal. I will be lighter and so I just need to adjust my plan.

If you want to hit the sales targets that you set for yourself only a few weeks ago then you must get into the daily habit of making time for sales and to engage with prospects that you can turn into customers.If you take the regular daily action then along with the other advice and suggestions I provide, I know you will achieve the consistent sales success you desire!You deserve success and you want success and so give yourself the best chance of achieving success by putting aside time each day for prospecting and I promise you it will help turn those targets numbers into actual numbers!

I offer sales mentoring sessions on a monthly basis so that you have someone to hold you accountable for achieving the results you want! If you are intrigued by what mentoring can offer and know you need some help and support to turn that fantasy sales spreadsheet into actual numbers then lets arrange a time to chat. Don’t let another month pass you by! Get into the winning habit now and get the support you need to achieve consistent sales success!



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