365 Marathons in 365 Days

I said last week that I would share with you what I managed to achieve and so here are 5 of the items on my list.

  • Completed a proposal for an existing customer to do some additional work from June onwards
  • Completed a presentation for a webinar which I shared with 34 people on how to drive online product sales
  • Spent 2 time blocks creating a resource for a CEO on Business Growth and Planning
  • Engaged with 14 new prospects via LinkedIn Sales Navigator to start building relationships. I had one response back which I take as a result for the week!
  • Created a new lead quiz about being an emotional or logical seller which will be out in a few week’s time. Which one are you by the way?


I struggled for discipline a few times but I kept trying to resist the temptation to look at alerts and emails and focus. It’s tough though! What actions did you complete? I would love to hear what you managed to get done.

I launched a new video last Saturday all about structuring your time to get the best sales results. Have a watch of it and let me know what you think.

I also this week launched the latest episode of my podcast and I have decided I don’t want to take up too much of your TIME this week reading when I have a TRULY inspirational story for you to listen to.

If you do nothing else this weekend, please take just a few moments to listen to my interview with Gary McKee. If you want to be inspired on how to use your time or achieve something incredible in your life, then take a few moments to listen to this incredibly humble, selfless man who ran 365 marathons in 365 days in 2022.

Yep, he ran a marathon every single day!

All while holding down a full-time job and being a husband and father.

Never once did he shirk his task. Come rain or shine, sun or snow, he ran 26.2 miles every single day so that he could raise money for people who were suffering from Cancer.

I won’t say anymore. I don’t want to take up your time reading emails from me when I know that listening to Gary and how he focuses his mind on achieving his goals is far more beneficial for you.

It’s rare that people inspire me in the way that Gary inspired me. He raised over £1.1 million for 2 incredible charities and if you are as inspired as me by what he did then feel free to donate.

We can all either make excuses for why we don’t have time to do things or we can be more like Gary. I know which way I will be going.

I hope you enjoy the interview.



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