5 Tips to Overcome Gatekeepers

This week I wanted to share a really topical sales issue that many people face and what you can do about it – and that’s how to get through Gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are there to stop you from accessing your prospect, but how can you overcome them?

Notice I used “overcome them” and not “get through them”. If you charge head first wanting to bash through a Gatekeeper like a bull in a China shop, I guarantee you won’t get the result you want.

Instead, try these 5 tips to make headway with Gatekeepers.


Many companies will make use of virtual phone support and you may be talking to someone that isn’t employed with the company. Try and ascertain this before trying out my first tip.

Gatekeepers are people too.

If you’re speaking to a Gatekeeper that works for the company you’re trying to connect with, make it your aim to build a relationship with them. The Gatekeeper is someone you need to effectively engage with and not simply bypass.

Use friendly language: “Great to speak to you again”, “Looks like I got a hold of you again 🙂 “, “How has your day been?”, and “What’s been happening with you?”.


“I know what you’re thinking… UGH, it’s this guy again… 🙂 but I’m REALLY keen to speak to [name]”.

Be friendly and use a bit of humour and try and build a relationship with the Gatekeeper. Over a period of time you might find the relationship develops, conversation becomes easier and you may get a lead from them of when is the best time to call to reach your prospect. Aim to build rapport with them and they may be open to sharing information with you.


Insanity is trying the same thing and expecting a different result after all. Don’t always try to call around the same time every day (make sure you’re scheduling your prospecting time on your calendar accordingly).

Especially if the company you’re trying to reach makes use of a call-answer service, trying them outside of business hours may have the phone diverted directly to them, which could mean SUCCESS for you and being able to engage and speak with your prospect.

If you have a duty to serve them, don’t be afraid to try outside of regular hours.


“I’ll be honest [Gatekeeper], I haven’t spoken with [Prospect] before, and I’m sure he gets LOTS of calls. But the thing is, we’ve helped companies just like yours with [Problem] and I’d really like to speak with [Prospect] to see if this is a problem for them too?”

Perhaps this is a problem that the Gatekeeper is aware of and it will resonate with them. The Gatekeeper may be more inclined to think, especially if you’ve built rapport with them, that you may be someone that could be helpful for them.

If you’ve built a great relationship with the Gatekeeper, they may even hear the problem discussed in other situations and immediately think of you and the help you may be able to offer. Be careful not to sell to them! Be helpful and offer value about the problems you’re able to help solve, especially if it’s a problem unique to your prospect and/or their industry.


Gatekeepers are often granted responsibility for many channels of contact such as phone and email, but usually not via Social Media.

I know I’ve been encouraging you to build a relationship with a Gatekeeper, but where that might not be possible, trying routes to reach your prospect directly via Social Media is something you can try.

As always, communicate with them in the right way! Don’t focus on yourself, who you are and what you do. Instead, drop a link or message showing value, engaging with them and talking about their challenges and issues.

If digital isn’t working for you, go old school! Why not send a card in the post? This has been greatly successful for me in the past – sending a personal card together with one of my guides suggesting this might be helpful for them if they are experiencing [problem]. Why not give it a try?

Gatekeepers are a part of the sales process. They are always going to be there, and so it’s important that you improve your sales skills and learn how to overcome them. Make sure you’ve got the right preparations in place to be successful when it comes to getting through Gatekeepers.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. Give them a try on your toughest Gatekeeper yet and let me know how you get on.



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