Your WHY is your greatest motivation to achieve anything

On Saturday, 24 June I undertook my 1x10x100 Challenge for the 2nd year. The challenge is to swim one mile, run 10 miles and then cycle 100 miles in 24 hours. It’s a tough challenge which starts at 5:30 am and goes on until 8:30 pm, but one which when achieved, makes you believe that you can achieve anything.  Last year there were 3 of us and this year there were 8. 

The aim when I started the challenge was to allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things whilst at the same time raising money for some incredible charities.

It looks like we will raise nearly £2,000 for some brilliant organisations which help others. Charities such as Reminiscence Learning which raise money for people with Dementia or The National Brain Appeal which raise money for those with serious brain injuries.

I am personally raising money for Marie Curie who do an amazing job in helping families and people who are dying from Terminal Illnesses.

Regardless of the cause, I wanted to use today’s blog to talk about motivation and our desires to achieve anything and that is ‘Your WHY’.

Success and achieving things aren’t easy. There are always going to be tough times and challenging moments when it’s easier to quit. I urge you at these moments (whether they be a business goal, a project, a qualification or a personal goal) to not give in but go back to your why.

What makes this goal and plan so important for you? Why does it matter?

Whether your inspiration is personal or because that someone told you that you couldn’t achieve something, use it as your driver to achieve.

Write it down. Put it as a picture on your phone. Print it out and put a copy in your purse or wallet. Make that WHY visible to you as much as you can. It will be your motivation and source of inspiration when the going gets tough.

And a word of warning. If you don’t focus on that why, your chances of failure are significantly higher. And this is because change (from your current state to where you want to be) is hard.

If it were easy, anyone would do it.

When I am going through my most painful moments today in completing the 1x10x100, I will have my WHY at the front of my mind. You can read about my WHY at this link but during the moments when my body will want to give up, I will simply think back to the way I and my family felt at that time. And that will be enough for me to plough on and achieve the goal.

I am always intrigued to know what goals and achievements you have set for yourself and so reply back and let me know:

  • What you are working to achieve that is key for you?
  • What is your WHY and WHY is that goal or target so vital for you?

If you have NO idea on what your why is and want some help to achieve it then I am also here to help.

But as Mark Twain once said, there are 2 important days in your life. The day you were born and the day you find out WHY.

It’s the fuel to become a champion and an achiever!

PS – If you fancy getting involved next year and doing something that you maybe thought impossible then click here. The date for the 1x10x100 2024 is already set as 29th June 2024. Go on, what stops you?



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