Get inside the other person’s head

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Our job when we are selling anything is simple.

Get inside the other person’s head.

What are they thinking?

What do they think and feel to XX?

To get inside the buyers mind, we have to think like them.

We have to get outside of our own shoes and our preconceived ideas. We need to be different. We need to think differently.

The starting point of sales is RISK.

Let me be VERY VERY CLEAR about the reason why your buyer is not buying your product or service right now.

They don’t think it will work. They don’t believe what you are saying. They think there are too many RISKS.

We ignore this at our peril.

We have to think like our prospective buyer.

They are thinking right now.

  • ‘It may not work’
  • ‘What happens if it doesn’t work as they say it will’
  • ‘I can’t spend that amount of money on the hope it will be ok’

There are a myriad of thoughts going through your buyer’s mind when you talk to them about what you do. The higher the price of the service, the more they have to think about.

At the end of it, all is a simple series of thoughts.

Will what the person selling this to me do as they say it will?

Will it work? Will it achieve all of the things they say it will?

If they think that it’s BS, they will say no or give me time to think about it. Which actually is an excuse word for ‘I’m not sure’ which deep down means ‘I’m not ready to buy, which means ‘heartbroken salesperson’.

Our simple goal is to get inside our buyer’s mind. Become a fly on the wall in their head. Get so close to them that we know what they are thinking.

When we do that, sales become simple.

We all worry about things that might or might not happen. Its all to do with risk.

De-risk what you sell to your buyer. Make them feel totally comfortable about what you do and what you offer. Make them feel SO 100000000% sure about what you do and how you do it that their is no risk to their decision.

Do that and the orders will flow in……



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