It’s all about belief

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Last week, I talked about Risk and why it was such a key factor in a buyer’s mind in making a purchase decision. Missed the blog?  It’s here.

If a buyer doesn’t feel sure (or assured) that the service they are purchasing will work or achieve what they want, they say no.

Or say ‘I will have a think about it’ which is the equivalent of saying no but just on a temporary basis.

So how do you overcome this then? It’s all about belief.  You have to make the prospect BELIEVE that you can make their world a better place and bring to life the dreams you promise in the sale.

Let me use an example that I often use when I am presenting.

If I asked you to give me £5,000 now so that I could turn it into £50,000 in 3 months time, what would you say to me?

You would probably say: ‘Sounds too good to be true!’ or ‘What’s the catch?’

Deep in the middle of your mind, you would be likely thinking ‘I would love this to be true and wow I would love to get a 10 x return on my money’ but I just DON’T BELIEVE this will happen.

Here lies what goes through your buyer’s mind when you engage with them. You promise them things that they just don’t believe.

So how can you solve this problem? How can you make them believe?

Let’s take the £5,000 to £50,000 example again. So this time, I not only tell you I can achieve it for you but I also then show you HOW I make it happen. I even say to you ‘I know you won’t believe this is possible and so this is HOW I achieve this. I outline to you the process and steps I follow and mention where in that process risks occur. I outline that my skill and service offering is in mitigating the risks so that you get the right result.

Not only do I show you the how, I then proceed to show you 20 other people who I have achieved the same result for. I provide you with a video of the person and even bring them onto a live call or social media session where they say themselves ‘I was sceptical to start, I didn’t think it was possible but 3 months down the line, we achieved the results he said he would’.

I even say ‘Go and have a conversation with that person and ask them questions, they will tell you it’s all true’. You do that and they tell you it is. You did after all deliver on what you promised.

What are you now thinking? You may still have a few doubts but you are feeling more confident that this dream you were sold could be a reality!

You have during this process made the buyer BELIEVE. You have reduced the risks and given the buyer enough assurance to make them think ‘this is worth doing’.

The above scenario may seem unrealistic but it’s not.

It’s just the figures that are different.

Every business person when they are selling is trying to sell the miracle. The bright future. The promised land.

The buyer wants to believe it. They want it to be so.

It is your job to bring the solution to life in their mind and make it so BELIEVABLE that they have no option but to TRUST you to make it happen.

How can you build trust? See you in the next blow where I will share one easy method you can use.



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