5 Ways To Get Prospects To Call You Back

We’ve all been there- when you’ve been engaging with a prospect, the relationship seems to be going in the right direction and suddenly they go cold. They stop answering your calls and you can’t get hold of them. What do you do?! There are some things you can try to get prospects to call you back, which I share in this week’s video. Hit play on the video or keep reading!

https://youtu.be/dQxzAdPU2Q0There are some tips and tricks you can try to get prospects to call you back but some you’ll read are, in my opinion, quite dishonest and deceitful. Tricks like “accidentally” cutting off your voicemail message halfway through. You might get your prospects to call you back by using tactics like this, however you will have done so in such a way that it could break their trust.I’d rather suggest some ways that you can get your prospect to call you back because they want to call you back. Here are 5 tips I would suggest:


5 Ways To Get Prospects To Call You Back- Long-winded voicemail
A simple, sharp and straightforward voicemail is far more effective than a long-winded message. If your prospect is already going cold, they’re not going to want to spend time listening to a lengthy voicemail from you. A voicemail like this will do the trick:

“Hi, this is James White on [telephone number]. That’s [telephone number]. I wanted to have a follow up call about the proposal I sent through. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again, my telephone number is [telephone number].”

Getting straight to the point and communicating your reason for calling shows that you respect your prospect’s time and repeating your telephone number 2 or 3 times means your prospect has no reason to not pick up the phone and call you back.


Continuously leaving voicemails that aren’t eliciting a response from your prospect, will only irritate them and could lead to them blocking your number. One of the things I encourage my clients to do is to send a handwritten letter or card to your prospect. Having something like this land on your desk is difficult to ignore and it’ll show to your prospect that you have put in a considerable amount of effort to reach out to them. This technique is an effective way to gain respect and get prospects to call you back, even if the outcome is a ‘no’. A ‘no’ is always better than nothing as it means you can move on to the next prospect.


5 Ways To Get Prospects To Call You Back- Every No Brings Me Closer to A Yes
If you give up, you’ll never get prospects to call you back. Most people don’t realise that 80% of sales are done from the 5th to the 12th interaction and that’s from a study carried out a number of years ago. I personally think this statistic may have changed- I think it could now be on the 15th to the 25th interaction that you’ll get a response from a prospect. Many of my clients, when I begin working with them, say that they try to engage with a prospect only once or twice and then give up. But doing so is a huge mistake!Of course, the frequency of your follow up will be dependent on the length of your sales cycle- if your sales cycle is over a couple of months, you wouldn’t try and ring your prospect every day. However, ringing them once a week or so, is reasonable and will hopefully make them want to engage and call you back.


Indicating in your message that you’d like to share a document, an eBook, an article or any other form of valuable content will entice your prospects to call you back. For example:

“Hi Jordan, it’s James White here from James White Sales Success. I’m just leaving you a message because I’ve got a document that I think could be really valuable to you. If you can call me back on [telephone number], I’d love to share it with you.”

Doing this will get prospects to call you back and then enables you to spark up a conversation to move things forward with them.


Fear of missing out will encourage your prospects to consider phoning you back because they’ll realise they’ll miss out on something they thought they still had the chance to get. Say something like this:

“Hi John, I don’t want to be a pain anymore so this will be the last time that I’ll contact you. Please contact me on [telephone number] if you do want to reach out and discuss how we can move things forward.”

Of course, don’t use this tactic unless you’ve tried maybe 5, 6, 7 or maybe 8 times of leaving messages and other forms of communication. Use it as a last resort to try and get prospects to call you back.Use these 5 techniques and you’ll have a far better chance of getting your prospects to call you back. Of course, the key in all prospect engagements is to ensure you’re focusing on them and solving problems for them. If you do that, I can assure you, you’ll get better sales results.


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