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6 Closing Questions to Ask Your Prospects & Close More Sales

6 Closing Questions to ask Your Prospects

So you’re at the point in the process when you’ve built great rapport, you’ve built your relationship, you’ve understood the prospect and you’re ready to close the deal. In this week’s video, I share 6 closing questions to ask your prospects and close more sales. Hit play on the video or keep reading!


What will you do if you don’t do this?

By asking this question, you’ll be able to get inside the prospect’s head and discover if what you’re offering them is a real pain point for them or not. For example, if they respond to your question by saying “well, we’ll just carry on as normal”, you know that you’re not hitting an immediate pain point. If on the other hand, they express that they’ll go through some challenges if they don’t implement your product or service, you know that you are right for them and you can prove this to them and bring them over the line.

What’s this issue costing you in terms of time?

The next of my 6 closing questions to ask your prospects is to ask them how much their issue is costing them. Allow your prospect to open up about how much of an impact their problem is having on them as a business. This will not only allow you to understand more about how you can help solve their problem but it will also make them think more about how you can benefit them.

It looks like this service could be a really good fit for your business, would you agree?

Asking this question enables you to get a straight answer from your prospect. If they say yes, you know that the deal is almost done. If they say no, you know you’ve got some further work to do in terms of proving to them that you are in fact right for them. If they say no, you must probe and find out exactly why they don’t think you’re a good fit. What can’t they see in your solution that’s going to help them? What can you do to prove to them that you’re right for them?

What stops you from giving us a try and moving things forward?

What you’re asking them to do is to think about whether there is anything in the way of closing the deal in their eyes. If there isn’t anything in their way, they will say this and that opens up a perfect opportunity for you to close the deal. If, however, they tell you that there is something in their way, you can work to overcome this objection or disqualify them as a lead.

What impact could implementing our product/service have on you over the next 3 months?

I believe that the first few months of working together is crucial as to whether your prospect becomes a long-term customer. By asking them this question, you’re asking them to picture what success looks like or what their problems would look 3 months down the line if they continued. If you can help them imagine where they’ll be in 3 months’ time having implemented your solution, you’ll be able to bring them over the line in no time. But not only that, if they explain what success looks like to them, you can use this to ensure that you meet their expectations and increase your chances of making them a long-term customer.

How would it feel for you to put your trust in us to deliver this service?

If your prospect doesn’t trust you, it’s going to be a real challenge for you to convert them. So, this is one of the key closing questions to ask your prospects. If they respond by saying that they’re not sure if they can right now, you know you’ve still got some work to do to qualify them. If they say they can trust you, you can then wrap up the deal and say “great that’s appreciated, let’s get things started and I can assure you, we won’t let you down.”

So, there are 6 closing questions to ask your prospects. Asking the right questions and really getting inside your prospect’s head is key to winning more sales. If you’ve enjoyed this article, I’ve created a document of 42 qualifying questions that could be of use to you- download it here. If I can help you in anyway with closing more sales, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.


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