The 6 Fundamental Keywords of Sales Every Salesperson Should Know

Sometimes, in sales, it can be useful to go back to basics and remind ourselves of the fundamental rules for sales success. So, I’m going to share with you the 6 keywords of sales that I believe every salesperson should remember when engaging with prospects. Hit play on the video below or keep reading!


“Approach Each Customer With The Idea Of Helping Him Or Her To Solve A Problem Or Achieve A Goal, Not Of Selling A Product Or Service.” Brian TracyThe word ‘problem’ is the first of my 6 keywords of sales. Why? Because it’s absolutely vital in order to achieve sales success to be clear about the problem your product or service solves. Very few people buy nowadays because they want to, they buy because they need to- they have a problem that needs solving. It’s also important that you identify the problem they are experiencing as soon as possible to enable you to sell your solution to them effectively.


“To succeed in business you need to be original, but you also need to understand what your customers want.” — Richard Branson‘Understand’ is the next of my 6 keywords of sales. Your prospect needs to know that you understand them and their needs and you’re not just out for yourself. Begin to understand them by asking the right questions and really listen to what your prospect is telling you. As a salesperson you should spend 70% of the conversation listening and 30% of the conversation talking.


“If you believe in your company. If you believe in your product. If you believe in yourself. Then you can march to success.” – Jeffrey Gitomer‘Belief’ in yourself and your product or service is critical if you want to achieve sales success. In order to sell your product, you have to believe in it. If you don’t believe your product can solve your customer’s problems, you can’t expect your prospects to believe in it and therefore you won’t make sales.


“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

‘Trust’, in my opinion is one of the most important keywords of sales and is the first letter of my TRACKFARE model. The key to sales lies in building strong relationships with prospects but without trust it’s impossible to build a relationship. So, proving to your prospects that you are trustworthy as a person and as a company is fundamental to sales success. Build trust by delivering great customer service, keeping to your promises and over-delivering on those promises. Break your prospect’s trust and you’ll damage the relationship for good.


The more you focus on the value of your product or service, the less important price becomes.” – Brian TracyIf you can’t offer ‘value’ to your prospects, they are not going to buy from you. As a salesperson, you must focus on the value your product or service will give your prospect- what benefits will they get from your product? What problems will your product solve? If you can prove the value of your product or service, the price becomes almost irrelevant.


“Good service leads to multiple sales. If you take good care of your customers, they will open doors you could never open by yourself.” – Jim RohnService is the last of my 6 keywords of sales. By providing outstanding service to your prospects, they will keep returning and through word of mouth, you’ll gain more prospects who are interested in your product simply due to the service you provide. So wow your prospects with incredible service and achieve great sales success as a result of it!

So, there you have it, there are my 6 keywords of sales that are key to sales success. Do you agree with these 6? Leave a comment in the box below! If you need help reaching your sales targets, contact me here or visit this page for access to all of my free sales resources.


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