Are you in Buyer Credit or Debit?

When it’s time to make a decision (if they do that is!) the buyer will decide based upon a series of factors. Factors that have evolved during the course of their interactions with you. And their decision ultimately is a simple one. Did you do enough good things over the course of the time you […]

Not every seed you plant turns into a flower

Buyers aren’t stupid. And yet many sales and business people treat them as if they are. There are many things that go on within the buyer’s mind when it comes to purchasing new services but as I shared a few weeks ago, much of their decision process is based around risk. Buyers continually ask themselves […]

The hidden 10% which the Buyer sees

Graham Taylor, my old boss at ICL, told me something once which has stuck with me. I’m not sure if it was his quote or one he had learned throughout his sales and business career, but the message resonates… On the road to success, there are very few people on the final mile. Now before […]

The Lion will bite you if you show fear

Watch the video below. It’s only for 45 seconds but humour me. There is a reason for me to share this with you. What you will see is a man doing a stupid thing for one but there is a reason why the lion reacted as he did. Fear.  He could sense the way in […]

The 55:38:7 Rule

What is the goal when we try and sell something to another person? You may read this opening statement and think it’s a stupid question but stop for one minute and think ‘What do you ACTUALLY WANT TO ACHIEVE’ when you sell? The ultimate goal is to get the other person to pay for what […]

Einstein was right

Questions are your Sales SuperPower. Great questions, asked in the right way (next week’s email) open up the buyer to share with you their world. If the buyer lets you inside their world or through the layers of their onion (last week’s blog) and the buyer truly believes that you are there to help them […]

Your buyers are like an onion

Our Tumble Dryer is on its way out and with the weather as it is, we need a new one. We went into an appliance shop and as night follows day, we were greeted with the standard ‘Can I help you?’ 😠 What do you think our response was? Even though we had a problem […]

The Value Gap

When faced with a decision to buy something, every buyer makes a choice. And it is a simple one. Is the product or service I am looking to buy worth the money that the other person/company is charging? To make this decision the buyer will consider a number of factors. Here are 5 of the […]

The ONLY 2 Reasons why a Buyer Buys

There are only 2 reasons why a buyer will buy something. As sellers, the sooner we understand this the better. But buyers will not make it easy for us. They put up barriers. They protect themselves from ‘nasty’ salespeople who they think (wrongly I know but so many salespeople sell badly) will take advantage of […]

Build trust in the buyer’s mind by doing this

Building total belief in the mind of your buyer is the bedrock of their decision-making. They don’t need to just feel confident that what you are providing will work. They need to feel SURE. They are going to have doubts. It is natural. They want to believe but natural brain thoughts make small dents in […]