How Sales Success is Very Similar to Dating and Falling in Love…

It has taken me a few years to work it out but around 4 months ago, I had an epiphany! I was talking to a friend who had recently split up with his partner and was looking to meet someone new. We talked about how he could go on this journey and find new love and as we talked about it, everything fell into place!

The process he was going through to find a new partner was so similar to the process we all go through when we want to win new business. Based around this and what I have learned over a 20+ year career in sales I decided to make it really easy for everyone to understand how they can achieve sales success. In the last few months, I have developed a 12-stage model which takes you from understanding why you want to meet someone through to building a happy and amazing relationship!

Following these 12 steps will allow you to achieve better sales results and do it in a way that I believe everyone can resonate with. We have all been in love or wanted to meet someone in our lives and when you look at the steps you take in your personal life, you will also realise that succeeding in sales is very similar!

It all starts with looking at the core basics of why people crave relationships or other human contact (we won’t be getting rude but we all have wants and needs!), what we have to offer a potential match and how we can then go and find that ideal partner and approach them.

Once you have identified a match, it is then key to build initial rapport and attraction and get to know more about the person we meet. We want to understand more about them and their plans so that we can see if there is a potential fit for us to be together!

Once we have identified there could be a fit, we can then look at how a potential relationship could be built and deal with any of the skeletons we may have in the cupboard which could get in the way of us being together! Everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard when it comes to dating but as George Bernard Shaw said, ‘if you can’t hide your skeletons then learn to make them dance’.

After we have dealt with these objections, we can then look at how we can propose to work together and get the formalities and contracts agreed so that we can become a couple!

The final part of the journey is then ensuring that we show the person they have made the right decision and taking the actions to build a long term relationship with them and others who are close to them!

Success in sales is like falling in love and my model will give you all the tips and advice you need to ensure you get success with sales as I hope you have in your personal lives!

I will be sharing lots more content, ideas, videos and resources over the next few months that helps you become an expert in each of these 12 areas but I hope you can see how the two are so similar.

I will be working to provide content, materials and support to help you implement the actions which will give you success in sales as it would in meeting someone new!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the model. Can you resonate with each step and its importance in meeting someone new?

Take a look at the new video below and click here to read more about the model, how it works and how I can help you implement it within your business!

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