How to make your customers feel like royalty

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Hello May!

I hope April turned out to be as successful as you wanted it to be. If it wasn’t and you are struggling, how are you going to turn it around?

I am sending this on the morning of quite a momentous event here in the UK. For the first time in 70 years, the country is having a Coronation of a new head of state. King Charles III officially becomes the King today and so many people in the country are excited and are having parties to celebrate.

I don’t intend to use the whole of this email to talk about the royal family as a) I don’t know that much about it and b) it could bore you! 🙂

But what I thought I could do is link this unique event to a theme which I do talk about a lot with customers I work with. How to make your customers feel like royalty!

People often think that all of the work I do is about winning new customers but so much of achieving business growth (which is what I want anyone reading to achieve) is doing more with those you currently work with.

Making them feel special and like kings and queens is a great way to not only build ambassadors for your brand but can also make a huge difference to your bottom line!

Treating your customers like royalty is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are the key to long-term success. Here are some tips on how to treat your customers like royalty:


This is such a simple one to put in place but sometimes customers don’t want a lot but just a thanks. Sending a personalised email or better still a personalised card with a thanks for their time/business/custom is such a simple but nice thing to do. I have created 5 templated cards which I had printed and I will often send something to say thanks and the responses are always welcomed.


Providing excellent customer service is the cornerstone of treating your customers like royalty. But if you really want them to feel like kings and queens, then go the extra mile. Do things they don’t expect. Do the extra email to support them or make the extra call to help them solve a situation. Do something that they wouldn’t expect. Often its better to offer a basic service and then over-deliver than over-promise and under-deliver.

Communicate relentlessly so that they feel you are totally committed to making their world a better place. You may not get a reply but a simple update via whats app or a voice note to update them about a problem or issue goes a long way to make them feel special. Put yourself in their shoes and start to think about small gestures that can make them think you are different to others.


This may sound controversial to many but make them feel important by being available to help or support them at short notice. I am not saying be on call to them every 5 minutes but if they ask for help and need to speak with you in short timescales, give them the time.

Make them feel special by being able to answer a question they have or support them with the help they need at short notice. They have paid their money and are your customers. Don’t use this as a chance to try and earn more but be honest and say ‘I have some things going on but of course, I want to help, tell me what’s on your mind’.

I have a few customers who when they need support, I always try and fit around their schedules. I will often do calls at 7 am or on Saturday at 9 am if that’s the time that suits them. It shows them I value them and I am committed to helping them deal with challenges. This flexibility goes a long way when it comes to them retaining your services or doing more business.


If the customer you have means something to you, put in place some simple gestures. Send a bottle of wine when they have won a deal or maybe send some cakes or brownies when things arent going to plan. I regularly use companies like Sponge and The Sweet Reason to send small gifts to customers and the reaction I get from them is incredible. More importantly, it makes them feel incredible and they often then share those feelings socially and with others they know.

Even if you don’t do something throughout the year, do something at holiday periods. I will always send my customers a crate of wine or hamper to thank them for working with me, and I know it makes them feel special.


Another really easy tip to put in place is to send a copy of a book that could help them. I often will send copies of books that I have enjoyed reading through to my customers with a small note to say I hope they enjoy it. The gesture almost always results in them thanking me and then coming back a few weeks later with their thoughts on how they enjoyed the book. Many people love to build knowledge and so sending books is a great way to make them feel great!


Another really simple idea but hugely important. Send your customers an appointment to take them for lunch (ideally somewhere nice) and say it’s as a thanks for their custom with you. Or if you can afford it within your budgets, maybe take some seats at an event and bring them along with you. It will make them feel special and it also gives you time to get to know them more and build stronger relationships with them!


A final idea and tip is to make them smile. Now, I don’t mean to tell stupid jokes, but smile yourself and congratulate them or pay them a compliment.

Share a funny meme or story with them and get them to smile. When they smile they feel good and when they feel good it makes them feel like royalty!

So there you have a few simple tips on Coronation Day to make your customers feel like royalty. You have to make your own choices in business but I have in the 18 years of running my own companies always gone over the call of duty to make those I work with feel great. The return has been 2fold. I feel amazing for making them feel great and they also recommend and talk about me to others which helps my business grow.

Try these tips and let me know how you get on!

Now, back to making scones and King Charles Bunting 🙂



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