Never. Ever. Give. Up.

I am sure you have all been on the edge of your seat (lol) wanting to know whether my golf last week got any better and whether I won the Vilamoura Medal on my 13th attempt at trying.

The answer is no! I was in with a chance after 7 holes and led my group (where the winner came from) but 4 holes in a row of awful golf put paid to my chances for another year. I came off the course and from the overall trip thinking 2 things.

Point Number 1

The first was I needed to do more practice in order to improve my game and stand a better chance of winning next year. Yes, it was my 13th attempt and yes all of the practice and adjustments I have done this year haven’t worked but does not winning mean I should stop practicing and trying to become better? No! The only way to improve my chances of winning are to improve my technique and then practice so that I build confidence.

Point Number 2

The second was the message behind today’s email and that was ‘We go again and next year will be our year’. In other words, I do not and will not resign myself to continual failure but try and make the improvements needed to make next year, my year.

Can I guarantee that in April 2024, I will come back with the trophy that I covet so much? No, I can’t. But what I can guarantee is that I will do my very best to win it and I will never stop trying to win it.

Choose Failure as a Teacher

I feel we live in a world right now where too many people choose to give in rather than go through the trials and tribulations of failure. Failure, whilst we may not like it at the time is such a good teacher. It hurts sure when you don’t achieve what you wanted to but if the vision and goal that you have really means something to you then you won’t let it haunt you but fire you up to keep going.

How Failure Inspires Us

James Dyson made 5,126 prototypes of his bagless Hoover before it worked and number 5,127 was the successful one.

Arianna Huffington was rejected by 36 publishers before her book was accepted for publication which led to the creation of the Huffington Post which made her a multi-millionaire.

Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame pitched his now world-famous recipe to 1009 people before the 1010th said yes and allowed him to get started with his famous blend.

History is littered with people who continually failed, who had continual setbacks, and who could have easily given up. But they persevered, kept believing and in time, their victory happened.

The Road to Easy Street

John Madden once said that ‘the road to easy street goes through the sewer’ and sadly too many people give up before it gets dirty and smelly. They take the simple path of least resistance and create a range of excuses as their reason rather than smiling at the failure and vowing to learn from it and take it head-on.

I see this mindset too often with business owners and sales professionals. Excuses are common. Didn’t want to do the work, was worried about what someone would say, didn’t think I could do it, etc etc

If you desire something badly enough then you will take the action to achieve the success you want. And when you do get the result you want, boy will it feel sweet.

So whether your target is a sporting one like mine, a business goal (I have plenty of those as well 🙂) a sales goal, a health goal, or a desire to climb Mount Everest, my message to you is simple,

Never give up on your goal. Visualise it, picture it, see it in your mind, and then take the action you need, day in, day out to give yourself the best possible chance to achieve your dream.

No one can take that goal away from you unless you take it from yourself.

Continue to believe that dreams will come true as they did for those business owners and which it will for me with the Vilamoura Medal!

We all sometimes need help and support to achieve the goals and dreams we have. Everyone has down days and times and when this happens, we sometimes need that pick me up or boost to get us back on track!

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