How To Sell Your Value Over Price & Convert More Sales

Written by: James White

One of the most common objections we hear as salespeople, is “it’s too expensive” or “we don’t have the budget.” But, let me tell you- it’s never about the price. The real reason behind the objection is that your prospect doesn’t see the value in what you are offering them.

If you can show them the incredible value your product or service offers, the price becomes irrelevant. So, in this week’s blog, I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can sell your value over price and convince your prospect to buy from you. Keep reading or hit play on the video!


Zig Ziglar once said “people don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” So, if you can capture the heart of your prospect and help them imagine the positive outcome that your product or service can have for them, then the issue of price will become less important.

I use the example when I speak at events, of a Mont Blanc pen versus a Bic pen. Who needs to spend £300 on a Mont Blanc pen when it does the same job as a cheap biro? But people do, because it makes them feel good. And it’s that feeling that you need to sell to your prospects to bring them over the line.


The impact your product can have is a key factor in being about to sell your value over price. If your product or service won’t have a particularly strong impact on your prospect’s life then their focus will be on how much it costs and this will determine their decision. However, if you can show that what you offer will, without a doubt, solve a major pain point for them, then the value will outweigh the question of price.

For example, I often have problems with my back and some weeks, I’m in agony. Would I pay double to see a chiropractor during times like that? Yes! Without a doubt! The pain is terrible and I want it fixed immediately, therefore I don’t even consider how much it will cost me. The same applies for your prospects- if they need their problem fixed and you have the solution- they’ll without a doubt forget the price and make a purchase.


Proving to your prospects that they will in fact see a financial return for investing in your product is a sure way to sell your value over price. Whether they will have the ability to gain more income after implementing your product, or save more time, equating to monetary value. Show them that they will see a good financial return and they won’t think twice about the price.

So there are my 3 tips to help you sell your value over price. I understand that it can be a challenge- I hear the same objection in my business but I overcome this by showing my prospects that they will gain sales success through my workshops and mentoring. I prove to them that I will truly add value to their business and the price then becomes less of a problem. Try these techniques out for yourself and show your prospect the value in you and your business!

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Publish date: 11 August 2018

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