I struggle to discuss pricing and budgets in sales conversations

Is this happening in your business?

You build great connections with prospects and get on brilliantly with potential customers but you often avoid the “pricing” conversations and send information via email.

If you do discuss pricing, you feel you sound uncomfortable and often brush past the conversation, quickly changing the topic.

Are you at risk of:

Wasting a lot of time on a prospect that isn’t right for you? There is no point in talking about the value of owning a Range Rover when your prospect only has the budget for a Skoda.

Not discussing your prices with confidence and undermining your value?

Here is what you need to do:

Get comfortable talking about money. Repeat your pricing and practice how you say it. tone and confidence is key.

Talk about budgets at the beginning of the conversation and make the prospect feel comfortable early on by letting them know it’s absolutely fine if it’s not a good fit.

Prospects won’t tell you their exact budget so give them a range and review their response. For example, you can say “Typically our services range from £X to £Y. How does that sound to you?” And then watch what reaction you get.

Great salespeople have Emotional Sales Intelligence.

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