My prospects ignore me after the first conversation

You’ve had a great initial conversation with a prospect.

You thought they loved what you do.

There was a connection and you both felt it was a good fit.

You’ve tried to make contact 3-4 times since then, but they haven’t responded.

You’re not sure where it all went wrong?

What went wrong?

You're at risk of:

  • turning the prospect off – desperation is a stinky perfume after all!
  • not reflecting on the conversation and adjusting your approach you could make the same mistakes and lose more business?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Review the conversation to check whether it was as good as you thought- some things are a miss whether you like it or not.
  2. On reflection:
    1. Would you say you really understand their problems/desires?
    2. Were you talking and selling or were they given a chance to talk and really open up?
    3. Were you clear about the next steps?
    4. Did you arrange a date/time to speak next?
    5. Did you read the signs when the person nodded?
    6. Were they being polite or really engaging with you.


Many sales opportunities are lost even when people tell you they are interested. It’s your role as a salesperson to pick beneath the surface. Did you do that?

If you didn’t do the above, your Emotional Sales Intelligence (ESI) needs some work.



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