Too many clients say no after they’ve said yes

Written by: James White

Is this happening in your business?

The elation of a deal coming through quickly subsides when we follow up to onboard and arrange payment, and our new customer tells us they’ve changed their mind, or even worse, they ignore us. The dreaded buyer’s remorse.

This tends to happen where we’ve been too eager and pushy and the prospect was never 100% ready (despite the nods and polite “yes”).

Are you at risk of:

  • Working from an inaccurate and unrealistic sales pipeline?
  • Missed opportunities and deals left on the table?
  • Ruining a relationship with your prospect?
  • Impacting the good reputation you’ve built?
  • Using up huge amounts of effort and time for no reward?
  • Your sales team getting deflated and frustrated?
  • Feeling like you’re constantly on an emotional rollercoaster?

Here is what you need to do to fix it:

  • Once you’ve agreed a way forward with your prospect, clarify what or who could get in the way of making this decision a success. Sometimes there is a partner (or another reason they haven’t shared) and it’s better to know this now than getting excited and losing the opportunity later.

  • Get your prospect to reconfirm the sale with you. Tell them you want to ensure the investment they are making gives them value and that you’re 100% committed to making this a success. This can sometimes be seen as a risk but actually, it’s a great way to get them feeling excited about the purchase they’ve made and reconfirm with themselves this is the direction they want to take.

  • Get their personal commitment – nothing is going to get in the way of them making this happen. By doing this they won’t want to let themselves or you down.

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Publish date: 30 March 2023

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