Sales Language: 7 Words To Use To Help You Sell More

I recently read a great article from about 7 words to use to help you sell more. In this week’s video, I share what these words are and how you can use them in your conversations.

These 7 words are based on the analysis of 519,000 B2B sales calls and so there is evidence that they really do work to bring prospects over the line. Here is a list of the 7 words but if you want to read the full article from, head over to their website.


7 Words To Use To Help You Sell More- Imagine

Being able to help your prospect visualise what your solution will look like for them is a highly effective way of convincing them to buy from you. Using the word “Imagine” will encourage them to do just that.

Can you imagine how things will look once we put this in place?”


Who doesn’t want to achieve success in business? Using the word ‘successful’ in conversation with your prospect will help you to convince them to buy from you because they too have a desire to be successful.

“This is how we will achieve success for you”

3. “FAIR”

Generally, people like things to be fair, to be treated fairly and to receive what is fair.

I’ve been really honest with my clients in the past and said that if I go out of business, it doesn’t help you. So I’ve got to make a fair amount of return for the services I provide and you’ll also make a fair return from that.

Honesty and fairness can go a long way in business and help you to win your prospect’s trust.


The word ‘definitely’ is decisive, strong and sure. It shows confidence in what you are saying and confidence in your product or service.

I definitely believe you can benefit from deploying our service.”


Using the word ‘believe’ in prospect conversations builds trust and shows that your truly care about solving your prospect’s problems.

“I believe we can work together in an effective relationship.”


This is an interesting one. The research by found that using the word ‘client’ instead of ‘customer’ is more effective.

Why? Because the term ‘customer’ indicates that they’re going to by from you on a one off basis, however the term ‘client’ indicates an on-going, lasting relationship.

“Here’s how we’ve helped our other clients”


Using a prospect’s name is proven to be a huge factor in building a relationship with them. They want to be treated as an individual and not as number and by using their name, you show them that you respect and care about them.

Paul, I imagine that you’re really fed up with this situation in your business at the moment.”

So, those are 7 words to use to help you sell more. Thank you to for the research, if you haven’t already, take a look at their website- they publish lots of really valuable articles on sales that is sure to help you!

If you want more help and advice on the right language to use when engaging with prospects, contact me and I’d be happy to help. Alternatively, I have written a list of 42 questions to ask your prospects that you might find useful. Click here to download it.


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