The 6 Skills You Need to Develop to Win in Sales Consistently

If you’re to win in sales consistently, there are certain skills you need to develop as a person. In today’s video, I talk through what these skills are and how you can begin to build on them. Hit play on the video or keep reading!


If you’re not determined as a salesperson, you’re going to struggle to win in sales consistently. Your prospects are rarely ready to buy after your first engagement with them. They need to be nurtured with content; educational articles, videos, testimonials, guides and you must continue to engage with them directly through regular phone calls and emails. It doesn’t happen straight away and so if you give up after a week of engaging with your prospect, you’re unlikely to win in sales consistently. So be determined and don’t give up! Set yourself regular tasks to make a follow up call with your prospect once a week, if they start to go cold, keep trying.


The second skill you need to develop to win in sales consistently is the ability to read people. Can you look at someone and determine how they are feeling through the way they act, their body language and expressions? Being able to read the signs your prospect is giving you is a key skill because it means you can be one step ahead of them in your conversations and act accordingly!


Investigation is about asking the right questions and really getting to know your prospect. I’ve created a list of 42 questions to ask your prospect that I guarantee will help you to win in sales consistently. If you don’t ask the right questions and instead you spend the duration of the call talking about your own business and your own product, it will really turn your prospect off you. Use these questions to discover your prospects pain points and then offer your solution.


Versatility is “the ability to adapt to many different functions or activities.” Often in business and sales, you will face ever-changing situations and you must deal with these situations effectively as they arise if you want to win in sales consistently. For example, you’ve got a product demo scheduled with a prospect and on the day, the demo doesn’t go as you planned. Some salespeople allow themselves to get flustered and before they know it, the deal is lost. If you can stay calm and take control of situations like this, you will have more chance of turning the situation around and it going in your favour.


The 5th skill, in my opinion is the most essential skill you must develop. I always say to my clients; put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Think about your product or service in relation to your prospect and not in relation to what you want out of the deal. Show them that you really care about solving their problems and it’s not all about making profit for you.


The world of sales is full of ups and downs. If you can’t handle the downs then you’re not going to go far in your sales career. The reality is that as salespeople, we regularly face knock-backs- people that say no, people that don’t like us and people that waste our time. But on these occasions, it’s important that we brush ourselves off and move on. Handling rejections can be difficult but you must build your resilience in order to win in sales consistently.

All of these skills listed make up my DRIVER model and they’re skills that are absolutely vital to win in sales consistently. If you need help in developing any of the skills mentioned, please reach out to me. I’d love to help you develop your skills and reach your sales numbers.

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