Sales Success comes from How We Think and Act

Sales success comes from how we think and act, which is why I’m delighted to tell you about an exciting New Sales Series Partnership launched with world leading Hypnotherapist Mark Bowden.

There is no doubt that in Sales, the way we think and act is crucial to our success. The simple reality is that if you truly believe you will then you stand a better chance than if you tell yourself you won’t!

We all go through ups and downs though, Sales is a rollercoaster but over time it has been proven that if we train and coach our minds to think positively then it will affect what we do.

I speak to so many salespeople and I hear all the time comments such as ‘I fear being rejected’ and ‘I don’t feel comfortable speaking on the phone’ and although I provide videos, help and motivation, this alone is not enough!

I decided that I needed to do something more. To provide business owners and sales people everywhere that know they have to sell with the support to get better results.

It’s why I am really pleased to announce today a new partnership with Mark Bowden.

Mark has become one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and his recordings have helped over 100,000 people worldwide deal with challenges and issues they are determined to conquer.

Mark through his recordings and phone app have helped consumers deal with difficult moments through effective training and coaching of their mind.

When I wanted to therefore help business owners and salespeople train their ‘Sales Mind’ I knew there was only one man to work with!

Today we are launching 3 new recordings which will help build your mindset for better sales results. These 3 recordings are now available for you to purchase and if you subscribe to Mark’s library of recordings, then 3 more will be made available to you to download in just a few weeks’ time!

The 3 recordings we are launching today are:

  • Overcome rejections in Sales
  • Increase your confidence in Sales
  • Increase your phone Sales confidence

All 6 recordings and all of Mark’s recordings can be accessed for just $15 per month via Mark’s subscription service or you can buy each of the above recordings individually.

The recordings will condition your thoughts and your action to have more confidence and ultimately improve your skills within sales.

Don’t let your own mindset get in the way of you getting the results you want and deserve! We are what we think and if you believe you can achieve it you will.

Train your mind to build your confidence and overcome the rejections that are part and parcel of sales life and you will be on the path to achieving even greater sales success.

You can access the first 3 recordings and all the rest of Mark’s amazing material at his dedicated hypnotherapy website.



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