The 10 Traits of the Best Sales People
The 10 Traits of the Best Salespeople
April 7, 2018
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April 19, 2018
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What NOT To Do in Sales: 8 Ways To Turn Your Prospect Off You

8 Ways To Turn Your Prospect Off You

Winning new business is not easy and it is certainly not easy to do on a consistent basis. Converting prospects to customers regularly requires you to have strong business foundations, great personal skills and to take your prospects on a journey with you. We need to work to win over the heads and most importantly the hearts of the prospects that we engage with and its vital that we don’t do daft things which can put our prospects off us as salespeople.  

Within my latest video, I share with you 8 things NOT to do if you want to build strong and lasting relationships with your prospects and not turn your prospect off you.  

Have a look at the things you need to avoid if you want don’t want prospects saying no when it comes to the key buying decisions!


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James White
James White

James White is the UK’s leading prospect conversion expert. He understands what it takes to convert leads into real business within the modern digital era and what it takes to achieve business success.