3 Reasons You MUST have Content to Share with your Prospects

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In a modern business world, if you want to achieve business and sales success, you must have content to share with your prospects and I’m going to give you 3 reasons as to why this is vital. Hit play on the video below or keep reading!

The sales process has changed from what it was 15 or 20 years ago and prospects nowadays expect to be educated, entertained and nurtured by you and your brand before making a purchase. Content can be anything from video, blogs, eBooks, guides, podcasts, newsletters or infographics- anything you can create that will appeal to your target customer and help them solve their problems or educate them on your product or service. What content like this does is entice your prospects to engage with your brand, helps them build trust in you and warms them up ready to become a hot lead.
Here’s 3 reasons you must have content to share with your prospects:


Before making a purchase decision, what do you do? Do you go straight to the first company you find that offers the product you’re after and make a purchase? I doubt it!
You’re likely to browse the internet and weigh up your options first. Then what? You might narrow your options down to 2 or 3 companies; you’ll read reviews, you might watch some product demonstrations and read a few articles on their site to get a feel for what they’re like as a company and then request some more information from them directly. Therefore, if any of those companies you were looking at didn’t have content available on their site, the chances are you’d rule them out immediately when comparing them to their competitors.
Your prospects will go through a very similar process before buying from you. I heard a statistic recently that says 70% of the buying decision is already made in a prospect’s mind before they engage with a company directly. Therefore, content is absolutely vital if you want to be the first choice when it comes to making a buying decision.


Having content available for your prospects to engage with positions you as an expert in your field. If you have no content what so ever on your site, how does it make you appear to your prospects? It certainly doesn’t make you look like an expert in your industry! Having content to share with your prospects will help you build their trust and ensure they choose you as a company.


Again, think about a time when you were shopping around for a product or a service. You may have found a guide or a document that wasn’t trying to sell you anything but it was made just to educate you. I’m sure you would have been hugely impressed and felt as though the company really cared and just wanted to help you.

The most important thing about having content to share with your prospects is that it helps you to build an initial rapport with them, even before you’ve met them, it shows them value and this goes such a long way when your prospects come to making a buying decision. From that point, you’re able to continue to show them value through incredible customer service and solving their problems.

So there are 3 reasons you must have content to share with your prospects. One of the challenges that small business owners have is finding the budget to create content but, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and I can assure you, it will pay off later down the line!

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