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How Do you Become a Winner in Sales?

Winning in Sales

Great sales people are at the heart of the economy. They keep it ticking over like a finely tuned engine (I’m thinking about the purr of a Lamborghini right now!). Average sales performance will not get you the results you need in today’s economic environment. The most fundamental skill at the core of many businesses is the ability to sell, whether it’s a product, a service or an idea (think Dragon’s Den!). When it comes to selling, it’s as much to do with science as it is a form of art. Sure, the smooth-talking salesperson will do well, but if they don’t have the ability to listen to their customers, how will they know how to serve them?

Along with great listening skills, you need to think critically to intelligently apply effective sales techniques. Some people are born salespeople and can sell ice to the Eskimos, but if you aren’t one of them, you can still learn how to be brilliant at sales.

By applying the tips below, you will see both your personal and business sales start to soar!

1. Be Credible

Your reputation should precede you. Make sure your achievements can be seen by others, either on your website or across social media. If you don’t shout about what you can do, nobody else will! Set yourself up as an expert in your field by offering valuable content across your platforms.

2. Be a Good Listener

Listen to what your customer wants… don’t assume you know. Look to serve their pain points. If you do that, then there will be little discussion about price they pay, as they will want you to meet their needs.

3. Reduce Risk for the Customer

Customers want to feel safe when they work with you. They want to know that you will solve their problems with a sensible solution.

4. Go Out and Network

Don’t be a lone wolf. Having support from business peers, shareholders, employees and customers isn’t just good, it’s necessary. You will be surprised by the support you get from networking in the right groups that suit your area of business.

5. Build Relationships

From networking… this allows you to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships within your industry and community with customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

6. You Need to Be Consistent

Your customer should know what they are going to get when they work with you or buy from you. Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time, you need to be consistent in the service you provide.

7. Have a Higher Purpose

It shouldn’t just be about the targets and the income with sales. Serving your customer to the best of your ability should be what matters most. Making them feel happy with what they receive should be priority. Do that, and everything else falls into place.

8. Be Sure to Plan

You need to be prepared for every opportunity and don’t leave things to chance. This will ensure you look professional and at the top of your game. Do your homework before meetings with clients – and never be late!

9. Be Responsive to Change

You need to be able to adapt to change easily. Things don’t always go to plan and customers change their mind. You need to be flexible and respond to these challenges because they WILL happen.

10. Review and Reflect

Think about whether you’re serving your customer in all the above points. Don’t be complacent – there will always be someone else out there to jump in and serve your customer better!

Ignoring the above and staying in the ‘average lane’ means you’ll never get to hear the purr of that luxury car. So, go ahead and apply the tips above to your way of working, and perhaps I’ll see you in the car showroom!


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