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How to Make Effective Use of your Time on the Phone for Better Sales Results


As salespeople, we spend a lot of time engaging with prospects over the phone and it’s a key skill you need to develop if you want to achieve sales success. Some of my clients have said they feel uncomfortable making sales calls over the phone, but as I always say you wouldn’t email the fire brigade if your house was on fire!

In this week’s post, I’m going to share some ideas on how to make effective use of your time on the phone for better sales results. Hit play on the video or keep reading!


1. Book Dedicated Time in Your Diary and Stick to It!

Blocking out a period of time in your diary is a great way to make effective use of your time on the phone. During that period, whether it’s half an hour, an hour or 2 hours, your only task should be making calls without interruptions or distractions. After that period of time, you can focus on other tasks, knowing that you have ticked off a vital task that is going to win you more business. Be disciplined in setting that time aside and it’ll pay off later down the line!

2. Set Yourself Targets

How many calls do you want to make in that time period? Maybe you’re making new prospecting calls and they might be over with sooner than you’d like! Therefore you might have time for 20 calls. Or you might be following up with existing leads so your calls will last longer, therefore your target could be 10 calls. Set yourself targets and you’ll feel far more motivated and you make far more effective use of your time on the phone.

3. Be Clear About What You Want to Achieve

Communicating exactly what you hope to achieve from the call to the person on the other end will help you to stay focussed and actually achieve what you set out to achieve. Your prospects are busy people, just like yourself and they haven’t got time to waste, therefore they’ll feel better about knowing your reasons for calling and you won’t be wasting unnecessary time.

4. Consider your Tone of Voice

Only 7% of the words your say have an impact on the prospect- it’s the way you say it and the body language you use that have the biggest impact. So try adjusting your tone when you’re speaking to prospects over the phone to get better results. For example, you wouldn’t call a new prospect and be overly friendly and overly enthusiastic because they’d know right away that it was a sales call. You should adjust your tone to be natural and genuine and win their trust.

5. Make Calls at Different Times of the Day

Going back to point 1, when you block out your dedicated time for making calls, experiment with different times of the day. Maybe you normally make your calls first thing in the morning but seeing little success, try blocking out time in the afternoon instead and see if you get better results.

6. Reach Out to People in Your Target Space

I’m a big believer that the age of the cold call is pretty much dead, however that’s not to say that we can’t reach out to those in our target space who we really believe we can help. Those are what I would call targeted calls. People still want to engage and do business together and if the service you offer really can help solve a problem for the prospects you call and you approach it in the right way, they will be interested in listening to what you have to say.

So, there’s my top tips on how to make effective use of your time on the phone. It’s vital that you make prospecting calls on a regular basis in order to achieve your targets and by putting these tips into practice, you will see some great results. But, it’s all about persistence, determination and discipline so keep going and don’t give up!


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