The body language of sales

Becoming a sales expert is all about knowing your audience. In part, this means listening to the type of language they use in conversation with

Why you lost the deal

Have you ever just come off the phone with a potential prospect and you’re buzzing with excitement! The call went really, really well and you

Are you in Buyer Credit or Debit?

When it’s time to make a decision (if they do that is!) the buyer will decide based upon a series of factors. Factors that have

The 55:38:7 Rule

What is the goal when we try and sell something to another person? You may read this opening statement and think it’s a stupid question

Einstein was right

Questions are your Sales SuperPower. Great questions, asked in the right way (next week’s email) open up the buyer to share with you their world.

Your buyers are like an onion

Our Tumble Dryer is on its way out and with the weather as it is, we need a new one. We went into an appliance

The Value Gap

When faced with a decision to buy something, every buyer makes a choice. And it is a simple one. Is the product or service I

The Power of the Law of Reciprocity

Ready for Christmas? Maybe you are ready for a break from work but maybe haven’t bought everything yet?  Join the club of thousands of others

Finding New Buyers (Part 2)

As I mentioned in last weeks blog, finding new buyers for your service is imperative if you are to achieve growth within your business. If

Finding New Buyers (Part 1)

Finding new buyers is critical if you are to grow your business and to avoid being a Prisoner of Hope as I shared last week. Some want

Got a burning sales problem you want James to write a blog about?

Ask it here

Got a burning sales problem you want James to write a blog about?

Ask it here