How to Make Effective Use of your Time on the Phone for Better Sales Results

James White   
Nov 17
As salespeople, we spend a lot of time engaging with prospects over the phone and it’s a key skill you need to develop if you want to achieve sales success. Some of my clients have said they feel uncomfortable making sales calls over the phone, but as I always say you wouldn’t email the fire brigade if your house was on fire! In this week’s post, I’m going to share some ideas on how to
Winning in Sales

How Do you Become a Winner in Sales?

James White   
Nov 14
Great sales people are at the heart of the economy. They keep it ticking over like a finely tuned engine (I’m thinking about the purr of a Lamborghini right now!). Average sales performance will not get you the results you need in today’s economic environment. The most fundamental skill at the core of many businesses is the ability to sell, whether it’s a product, a service or an idea (think Dragon’s Den!). When it comes

3 Reasons You MUST have Content to Share with your Prospects

James White   
Nov 10
In a modern business world, if you want to achieve business and sales success, you must have content to share with your prospects and I’m going to give you 3 reasons as to why this is vital. Hit play on the video below or keep reading! no-repeat;center top;; auto RW6eZgFzE5c 700 400 The sales process has changed from what it was 15 or 20 years ago and prospects nowadays expect to be educated, entertained and

“A Prospect Hasn’t Got Back to Me. What Shall I Do?!”

James White   
Nov 03
One of the most frustrating things that happens to us as salespeople is that we have a promising meeting with a prospect, then we follow up and nothing happens. In this week’s post I’m going to discuss how you can overcome this. Hit play on the video or keep reading! no-repeat;center top;; auto ev7maWywtWo 700 400 This question has come in from one of my subscribers; Andrew asked: no-repeat;center top;; auto “A prospect I thought