Sales Language- 7 Words to Help You Sell More

Sales Language: 7 Words To Use To Help You Sell More

James White   
Jul 21
I recently read a great article from about 7 words to use to help you sell more. In this week’s video, I share what these words are and how you can use them in your conversations. no-repeat;center top;; auto These 7 words are based on the analysis of 519,000 B2B sales calls and so there is evidence that they really do work to bring prospects over the line. Here is a list of the
6 Skills you need to develop to win in sales consistently

The 6 Skills You Need to Develop to Win in Sales Consistently

James White   
Jul 14
If you’re to win in sales consistently, there are certain skills you need to develop as a person. In today’s video, I talk through what these skills are and how you can begin to build on them. Hit play on the video or keep reading! no-repeat;center top;; auto 1. Determination no-repeat;center top;; auto If you’re not determined as a salesperson, you’re going to struggle to win in sales consistently. Your prospects are rarely ready to
4 p's of prospect delay_Personal

The 4 P’s of Prospect Delay. Number 4: Personal

James White   
Jul 07
The final P on my 4P’s of Prospect Delay is Personal. Building a personal connection with a prospect is vital if you’re going to win business quickly. no-repeat;center top;; auto Prospect Delay No.4: Personal no-repeat;center top;; auto Whilst technology plays an important role in the modern business environment, people still buy from people. Therefore, developing a personal relationship with your prospects can have a big impact on their decision making. If they feel like they
4 p's of prospect delay_Passion

The 4 P’s of Prospect Delay. Number 3: Passion

James White   
Jun 30
In my previous two blogs, I have talked about the first 2 P’s of Prospect Delay which are ‘Priority’ and ‘Pain’. So what is the next P on my list of possible reasons your prospect might be delaying a deal? Hit play on the video, or keep reading! no-repeat;center top;; auto Prospect Delay No.3: Passion no-repeat;center top;; auto The 3rd P of my 4 P’s of Prospect Delay is ‘Passion’. The dictionary definition of ‘Passion’